Monday, October 27, 2014

Shotgun houses from Shreveport to NYC and back: artist Patrick-Earl Barnes in Pop Up Shop at Central Artstation on Tues, Nov 4, 5 to 7 pm

NYC artist Patrick-Earl Barnes will make a long-awaited return to Shreveport, where he was born and raised, when he opens a downtown Pop Up Shop Nov 3 - 10, says Kelly Rich of Norla. "Although his art has a whimsical, simplistic quality, it deals with some major issues, such as race, self-sufficiency and individualism," writes Bob Krasner at

Barnes resides in Harlem and has a studio at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

In NYC his Shreveport roots are quite valuable. His series of mixed-media paintings of shotgun houses would be an example. He made a vow to paint a million shotgun houses, a symbol of vital background to understanding the life of African-Americans.

"I left Shreveport in 1982," he says, remembering his days at South Highlands, Youree Middle and Capt Shreve HS. He attended Howard University in Washington, DC, where he studied science, not art. "I had been a closet artist for a long time," before realizing it was both a passion and a business opportunity.

Barnes calls himself a Deep Folk artist: "The art is a conjunction of found objects, free association, various styles and approaches. I work mostly with collage and decoupage."

He cannily combines "various isms and disciplines, weaving history, social, cultural studies and literature into a blend of instinctive spontaneous creations of art."

His images are both satirical (see "Art dealers") as well as caring of street culture (see "Brims").

"Barnes will be set up at the Central Artstation Lobby from Mon, Nov. 3, to Fri, Nov. 7th" says Rich. "There will planned events coordinating all of the PopUp projects throughout the week but the big Shotgun Art opening night is Tuesday night, Nov 4, from 5-7."

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