Monday, October 20, 2014

Brian Blade kicks on Daniel Lanois' new instrumental record, Flesh and Machine

Shreveport-born and raised Brian Blade has played drums for Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan, Herbie Hancock and more. For some years he has been at a jazz pinnacle, touring with Wayne Shorter and winning plaudits for his articulate band, Fellowship. Blade, the consummate jazz percussionist, also rocks out. When he kicks it in 4/4 it is usually with longtime friend Daniel Lanois. The 2 have made numerous albums together. My favorite is Black Dub.

This week Lanois released Flesh and Machine, a spacey and melodic set of instrumental pieces. When it kicks, it's the foot and 8 arms of Blade at work. On tour the album "will be performed live by a trio including himself, drummer Brian Blade and bassist Jim Wilson where both the playing of instruments and the sampling, dubbing and processing will happen in real time, essentially bringing the studio to the stage," says Lanois. The Nashville date is as close to Shreveport as is listed.

This week you can hear a preview of the whole thing at, where it is called "a deeply otherworldly adventure."

There is an intriguing call to artists for films to accompany their shows.

Recommended for interstellar music trekkers.

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