Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tree limbs, furniture, appliances, etc, to be collected by appointment only (673-6300), says the City of Shreveport; program begins on Bastille Day

Starting July 14 the collection of bulk items such as tree limbs, furniture, appliances and tires will be done by appointment only, says the City of Shreveport. Single-family back door collections for a fee will be discontinued.

- Residential customers must call (318) 673-6300 to schedule an appointment for bulk items to be picked up.
- All solid waste collected at the curbside must be in containers, except trash collected as part of the bulk program.
- There will be no collection from new residential developments with private driveways with inadequate access for solid waste trucks.
- There will be no collection of solid waste on vacant lots or unoccupied residences unless the property owner arranges for trash pickup.
- The maximum number of dark green trash carts per residence or commercial establishment is two.
- As adopted by the City Council in April.
- No additional fee is associated with the changes.

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