Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Foodies' UnScene on Fri, June 20, Municipal Auditorium: Rich Table, with Sarah and Evan Rich and a peck of chefs and artists

Rich Table, curated by Sarah and Evan Rich of San Francisco, will be the foodie's UnScene. It takes place in the Municipal Auditorium on Fri, June 20.

The localvore cooking from more than a dozen chefs celebrates the Shreveport Farmers Market as well as the farms and gardens being developed in NW La. . At $35 a ticket the feast - with entertainment and art galore - is a bargain. Drinks and a trolley tour at 5, artful, fresh supper at 7. Btw, expect valet parking at the Municipal.

Tickets and additional events, such as Farmer's Market Cooking Challenge (June 14) and How to Carve a Whole Pig with Chef Evan Rich (June 18).

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