Friday, June 27, 2014

Rain-based re-schedule for Wayne White puppet parade and art carnival to Sat, July 12, says SRAC

Rehearsal time that would have readied the numerous units in the Wayne White parade was killed by rain on Sat, June 28. The threat of rain to the puppets, made of cardboard and paper, was also a factor in canceling the event, said a member of the production team.

White and a team of resident artists and volunteers were ready to roll, said Melissa Orzolek . The rain-based re-set for the shindig is Sat, July 12.

"Parade through Shreveport Common with Wayne White and his UNexpected cadre of huge Puppet Characters," said Pam Atchison. "Meet Elvis, Hank Williams, Cora M. Allen, Annie McCune, the Cajun Alligator, and many more UNbelievable Puppet People. Join the Parade of Dancers, Drummers, Stilt walkers, Bands, and Food Trucks. March through the Shipping Container Galleries!" Also see cold adult beverages and comestibles.

6 pm - 7:30pm, see the Artist Shipping Containers,featuring Robert Trudeau, Nicola & Qean Ballard and Jeormie Journell. Also on Texas Ave: Emily Daye's Racing Hearts Installation, E.E.M. United's performance, creating your own mask for the parade with area artists and participation in chalk art.

7:30pm - 9 pm, join in the parade. It ends at Oakland Cemetery where you can view video works by Wayne White on the Drive-In Movie Screen.

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