Monday, March 03, 2014

UnScene features Brady L Blade, Sr, and the Hallelujah Train on Sat, March 8; music noon to midnight, 700 block of Texas St, Shreveport

Hallelujah Train, Shreveport by trudeau
Hallelujah Train, Shreveport, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Music from Buddy Flett, Betty Lewis and the Executives, Donnie Ray, Ernie Johnson, Carl Sims, Vickie Baker, and Bobby Rush, and Brady L. Blade, Sr. & The Hallelujah Train, and Tres Bluebirds will make UnScene March, Sat, March 8, noon to midnight, a blue hole of sonicalia.

UnScene celebrates the artists recorded by businessman Stan the Record Man Lewis. From "Suzie Q" to "Lucy in the Sky with Glasses," Lewis worked the biz with recording sessions, record labels and a chain of record stores.

The show takes place in the 700 block of Texas St. The original Stan Lewis record shop was once the music mecca of that block.

More music: The Matthew Davidson Band and Southern Soul singer Princess Monro Brown.

Swap records with James Gilcrease of Day Old Blues Records.

Karen McCain, Billy Boykin Jr., James Marks, Blair Nefsky, Lisandra DiLiberto Brown, Chris McCaa, Karen LaBeau and more will show in the Juried Arts Market.

The UnScene truck vends souvenirs and original artworks for under $25.

Blue Southern Comfort Food, Soumas Heritage Creole Creations and Big D’s BBQ, Sherry’s Diner, and the Some Like It Hot food truck will serve.

Eagle Distributing/Budweiser presents their Craft Beer selections including Shreveport’s own Great Raft Brewing.

Admission to UNSCENE! is UnMonetized.

1:45pm: Matthew Davidson Band
2:00pm: Buddy Flett Acoustic*
2:45pm: Betty Lewis and The Executives
2:45pm: Stan Lewis interviewed by Chris Brown*
3:45pm: Tres BLUEBIRDS (Bruce,Kerry,Robert)
4:45pm: Bright Star Male Chorus
5:30pm: Brady L. Blade, Sr. & The Hallelujah Train
6:30pm: Ernie Johnson
7:15pm: Carl Sims
8:00pm: Vickie Baker
9:15pm: Bobby Rush

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