Saturday, March 29, 2014

KSCL, 91.3 fm, presents annual Battle of the Bands on Sat, Mar 29, in Shell amphitheater, Centenary College

"Seratones had to drop from the running due to a tiger eating one of the band members alive," reports KSCL's Jacob Robson. "But, good news, everyone, for the B o' B! The frontman of GG Earth has rejoined the running with his other band, Darkunt, and they will be playing at 5:30 now."

1:30 Josh October

2:00 Yorkshire Fields

2:30 Jasper McAdams

3:00 Engine

3:30 TBA

4:00 The Dubonauts

4:30 Don't Forget Your Dinosaur

5:00 American Wilderness

5:30 Darkunt

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