Monday, October 22, 2012

Time for A Better Shreveport: public affairs radio on KSCL, fm 91.3, on Mons at 5 pm hosted by Loren Demerath and Carolyn Manning

Bruce Flett will be chatting with A Better Shreveport interviewers Loren Demerath and Carolyn Manning on Mon, 5 pm, about the coming A Train reunion show.

A Train's jazzy "Puerto Rican Hotel" has been the theme song for Time for A Better Shreveport.

Catch the live chat at KSCL, FM 91.3, Centenary College radio. The Mon at 5 pm program has been a regular part of KSCL for some 2 years.

Coming chats in the public affairs program will be with Grace Peterson of the Community Garden Program.

The A Train reunion takes place at Charlie's BackYard Bar is in Marshall, TX, 303 N. Columbus Street , Entrance on E. Rusk, Marshall, TX 75670. It's a Halloween Anniversary Bash @ $10 per.

The editor of this blog was one of the hosts on Time for A Better Shreveport but is currently on hiatus.

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