Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Louisiana Film Prize, Shreveport : a boatload of short stories to watch and you and I have a voice in who wins the $50,000

It's almost like Shreveport is returning to its historic roots as a gambler's town. All these wild-eyed filmmakers in the Louisiana Film Prize Top 20 are gunning for the big money.

Looking sharp - eh, Philip Jordan Brooks - and innocent - ahem, Calvin O' Neal, Jr - and trying to woo the crowd. Because the crowd's vote constitutes 50% of the winning total.

Last spring and summer the writers, like Evan Falbaum, above, directors, like Erica Callais, and film crews hit the streets of Shreveport. Like bandits.

Short on cash, they tried to make it on flash. Like obsessed fools - I'm not thinking of Mindy Bledsoe - all they could see was the big score.

As though they were gunsels pulling down oiled pieces from a special rack, the hungry movie makers - would that include John Goddard, the physician-actor arts producer? - pulled nifty short scripts from their shelves.

Verbal bling will sparkle on Texas St this Fri and Sat as these grifters invite you to be seduced by their tales.

Watch their movies at Robinson Film Center, minicine? and at the Capri. One ticket: $20 for 20 short narratives.

Watch yourself. These are guileful Guillermos. Prepare by reading this terrific
and brief summary of the movies produced by the slicksters at the Shreveport Times.

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