Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fresh drum & hoop circle building on Tuesdays beginning at 6 pm on Shreveport riverfront; percussion, guitars, flutes, dancers, art mavens, photographers welcome

Shreveport Drumming Along the River is a group for drummers, musicians, dancers, and anyone else interested in getting together to hang out, says Brandon Eiland Barre.

If you have an art ~Any Art ~, share it!
Obviously, with winter coming, we won't be able to get too many Tuesdays in before it's too cold, but there's no time like the present!
The concept is simple... on Tuesdays around 6pm, at your leisure, just come out to the riverfront and say hi. Stay until dark:30'ish. And then repeat weekly!
No money involved... no agenda... just people building community.

Says Barre, "I'm from Harrisburg, Pa., and we started a similar group there 4 years ago. It has grown from 8 to over 300 people in that time. The effects ripple out as people find others with like interests and develop friendships. This is a community builder."

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