Monday, February 06, 2012

TOM AND THE CATS - The Wine Song (Jewel, 1966)

Tom and the Cats playing the C. E. Byrd High School junior prom held at the Washington-Youree Hotel in Shreveport, Louisiana (Gusher [C. E. Byrd High School yearbook], 1966).

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Tom and the Cats hooked up with local record store/record label owner Stan Lewis, who issued the band’s three 45s. Released in 1965, their first 45 includes “The Wine Song.” Based on a Shreveport Times article’s lengthy section devoted to controversial songs, perhaps they caught some flack for the lyrics. Note the band’s reaction: “[Colquitt] feels people should be accustomed to songs about wine after 3,000 years of them.”

For the complete story and audio from "The Wine Song," see:

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