Monday, February 27, 2012

Books, storytelling and deft animation score Oscar for Shreveporters William Bill Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg and Moonbot Studios, Shreveport

Buster Keaton-like hero recovers from devastation in a healing center that happens to be a library. His pulse and grace return via stories offered by warmly anthropomorphic books.

In the 15-minute tale "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore" Bill Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg were able to mash their love of books, of movies, of music and dance, of hearth and family into a wordless tale of the circle of life.

On Sun night it was awarded an Oscar as Best Animated Short.

Moonbot Studios invested 2 years of long days into the tedious and exacting business of making a seductive animation. Yet recognition for the movie was far from a slam-dunk until Sun night.

Joyce knows the sting associated with making a splendid piece of work that does not make a great mark in the market; see the movie Robots as an example. The critics judged it a great animation (Joyce's work) but weak in script. That resulted in a 64% at Rotten Tomatoes.

But in the compact Lessmore movie veteran storyteller Joyce controlled the script - wordlessly - as well as the animation.

Shreveporters connected by social media yelled across their screens in joy as the award announcement was made. Artist Talbot Hopkins braced her camera against a table and squeezed off shots of the TV screen as Joyce and Oldenburg accepted the golden trophy.

Moonbot Studios, Shreveport, is the creation of 2 forces: the creative team and the bank team of the state of Louisiana. Generous subsidies - so much money that Moonbot declines to comment - empowered the effort.

Will the golden spin initiated by the Moonbot Studios Oscar enable Louisiana
to secure its investments in the movie industry? Will Moonbot be able to capitalize on its big night?

Next week, the party over, creative workers will return to the desk and camera across Louisiana. On one shoulder there will be elation and empowerment. On the other shoulder the weight of responsibility to re-create the success of Moonbot.

Will the Moonbot plan be a pattern for other Bayou State successes?

Take one entertainment veteran, a person with a record of achievement. and add a youthful partner and a hungry team of freshly-graduated workers.

None of them afraid of arduous hours. Stir well. Add salt and vinegar to taste.

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Brian GadgetSponge said...

I couldn't be happier for them and the increased spotlight on Shreveport!!