Sunday, February 05, 2012

Shreveport music matters on KSCL, fm 91.3, Mon at 5 pm: Jim Huckabay on the House Concert Series and Alan Dyson on his new tune andvideo, "Louisiana Jive"

Jim Huckabay by oneeyeddogblues
Jim Huckabay, a photo by oneeyeddogblues on Flickr.

The House Concert Series, acoustic Americana performed at Fairfield Studios, has been a part of Shreveport since 2004. Musician / producer Jim Huckabay chats about the history and future of the House sessions on KSCL, Mon, Feb 6, 5 pm.

Also on the weekly program Time for A Better Shreveport: singer-songwriter Alan Dyson has released a politically hot tune and uptown video called "Louisiana Jive."

Dyson will be joined by co-writer Debbie Engle and video producer Marion Marks.

Hosts of the show are Robert Trudeau, Loren Demerath and Carolyn Manning. Stream the session at

Huckabay photo by Barbara Beaird.

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