Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moonbot Studios float riders in Krewe of Highland Parade suited inDickie's coveralls because of remark by Krewe of Highland GrandMarshall Brandon Oldenburg

The Krewe of Highland Parade's Grand Marshall is Moonbot Studios' Brandon Oldenburg.

It's a smart call for Shreveport's Mardi Gras. Oldenburg and Moonbot partner Bill Joyce have been nominated for an Oscar for their animated short, "The Fantastic Adventures of Mr Morris Lessmore."

If you check out Oldenburg and the uniform being worn by the riders on the Moonbot Studios float in the Krewe of Highland Parade you will see black coveralls made by Dickies, the classic American jeans company.

Therein lies a tale of the media flash world of an Oscar nomination.

When Oldenburg was interviewed last month by Dallas Observer movie critic Robert Wilonsky, the journalist ended his column thusly: "Now, there is but one question on Oldenburg's mind as he prepares for the Oscar ceremony next month: "Who am I wearing?" He laughs. "Any Dallas designer, call me. I'd be happy to entertain it. Dickies is out of Fort Worth, aren't they?"

Following that blog post, Dickie's contacted Oldenburg and Joyce and have designed Oscar-ready tuxedos for the satire-minded duo - already notorious for photo-bombing an early Oscar nominee group shot. Using Dickie's master tailor and fabric, the Ft Worth-based company has custom-designed not only tuxes for Hollywood appearances, but also suited up the Moonbot Studios parade riders in Dickies coveralls, says Oldenburg.

"Growing up in Ft Worth I passed the Dickies factory all the time," said Oldenburg. "Today this company is suiting up skateboarders and rock bands."

And Oscar nominees and Mardi Gras float riders in Shreveport's neighborhood Krewe of Highland parade.

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Perceptive post (as always)! It was nice talking with you yesterday-- Congratulations on the success of Blanc et Noir!