Sunday, February 12, 2012

Synergy between the business and conservation arenas: Conservation International's Glenn Prickett on KSCL Mon, Feb 13, 5 pm

"Conservationists have often viewed the business world as an adversary," says Conservation International (CI). "Glenn Prickett doesn’t see it that way."

Prickett, senior vice pres at CI, visits Centenary College this week. He will chat on-air Mon, Feb 13, at 5 pm, on KSCL, fm 91.3. The program is Time for A Better Shreveport with Loren Demerath, Carolyn Manning and Robert Trudeau.

CI continues, "What if the very same power that makes business a formidable opponent could be used as a tool in biodiversity conservation? And what if an environmentally sustainable approach to business could give a major boost to the bottom line? It’s a fundamentally new approach to both business and conservation, and the results might just change the world. Changing the world is what Glenn Prickett does. As the head of CI’s Center for Environmental Leadership in Business, Glenn creates and develops synergies between the business and conservation arenas."

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