Monday, June 06, 2011

Teaching kids responsibility to their pets via the Pet Education Project; can they win sustaining funds via a Pepsi contest?

"We are trying to win $5,000 for PEP from the Pepsi grant," writes the very pet-centric Erica Callais-Martin.

"PEP, the Pet Education Project, is a non profit I founded to teach kids about responsible pet ownership. Can you help? We are #6, we need to stay in the top 20 for the whole month of June. Can you please vote by text AND online EVERY DAY! I really need people to do this. It would be such a huge milestone for PEP.
Please remember to vote each day. You can vote 2 times a day. Once online and once through texting."
Text your vote! Text 106552 to 737-74.
"Thank you so much!" adds the passionate young activist.

"One more thing; It's really easy to vote b/c u log on through facebook! -Erica
Teach kids responsible pet ownership in a fun & memorable way." - Pepsi Refresh Project

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