Friday, June 10, 2011

Captain Jack gets rated along with Fair Grounds Field, Shreveport, by Stadium Journey, a site that reviews sports venues

"I definitely have to give one point to the beer vendor guy who seemed to be having the time of his life and who the fans seem to love," wrote Paul Derrick, correspondent for Stadium

"He came up with some fancy nursery rhymes to belt out to get everyone's attention and I even found them quite amusing and bought a beer from him, so his antics do work," continued the scribe.

"Another extra point goes to Captain Jack the mascot. One for being completely engaging with the crowd (the kids loved him), and two for being the absolutely skinniest mascot I have ever seen in my life. There must be an 18 year-old super model in that costume."

Not all of Derrick's comments were as positive, of course. The categories of Fans, Neighborhood and Atmosphere did not reach stellar point totals on the night Derrick visited and took photos. This stadium's strenths were Access, Return on Investment and Food & Beverage.

Derrick's review closed with "My last extra point goes for a combination of things from the free parking and the friendliness of the staff who were very knowledgeable about baseball and interested in producing a great product for the fans."

Thanks to Chris Jay for an evocative capture of Capt Jack.

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