Thursday, June 30, 2011

Burning Spear Cafe Cooking Plate Lunches Fridays and Saturdays

Photo of Gordon Nurse by Robert Trudeau.
Anyone who's been a part of the Shreveport-Bossier art and culture scene for more than a decade or so will reminisce fondly, if prompted, about Gordon Nurse's Burning Spear Cafe, where patrons got live reggae music, cold Red Stripe, and (most memorable, it seems) homemade Caribbean cuisine courtesy of Mr. Nurse. Nurse and his wonderful wife Patty occasionally pop up at festivals like Highland Jazz & Blues Fest selling this amazing stuff: curried chicken, jerk pork, rice and beans, fried plantains, Caribbean-style mixed veggies.

Imagine my surprise when I got the following text from Gordon, out of the blue, earlier this week:
"Hi! D man from D Burnin Spear. This fridays lunch! Curry chicken. Jerk pork. Rice and beans. Veggies. Fry plantains. RSVP. Thursday til Friday 10 am. Text or call (318) 210-8555 before 10 am Friday. Thank U." 
I spoke to Gordon and he says he plans to do this every Friday and Saturday, if possible. I've already ordered my lunches (yeah, I ordered two, those plantains are the bomb). Lunches are $8 each and you pick them up at Gordon's house, corner of Rutherford and Gilbert, 401 Rutherford Street. You must call and place an order before 10 am on Friday!

Paging Anthony Bourdain?

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Anonymous said...

Yes I do Know because I was there :-) Not only did Gordon provide execellent quisine but he provided a place for songwriters to hone their craft in front of a live audience and it was the birth of the PLANET UNITY ORCHESTRA!