Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Johnny Bellar dobro show on Sunday, August 15, 7 pm, at 516 Texas St, the NXNWLA music center and museum

"This is a very last minute gig by an incredible artist," says Dan Garner, "at 516 Texas Street, this Sunday at 7 pm."

Johnny Bellar is a virtuoso performer on resophonic and lap steel guitars, says johnnybellar.com.

Often called a Dobro after the first and most famous manufacturer of this instrument, the resophonic guitar has recently become a pervasive voice in modern recordings of country, rock and popular music. An acoustic instrument invented in the USA in the 1920's and usually played with a metal slide, the resophonic has a mysterious, dark and compelling voice.

Bellar is famous as a Nashville session musician and composer of gorgeous melodies; he is also the 2005 National Resonator Guitar Champion. He is occasionally seen on Nashville Now and the Grand Ole Opry and at "guitar wizard" gatherings in the USA, Australia, and England.

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