Thursday, August 19, 2010

John Waters, Baltimorean filmmaker, to appear at NW Louisiana Gay & Lesbian Film Fest on Sun, Sept 12, 4 pm

Lenora + John Waters
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John Waters ("Pink Flamingos", "Hairspray", "Serial Mom") appears at festivals, universities, and clubs across the world and has since the 1970's, says his press kit.

The next place he's expected to show is the Robinson Film Center, Shreveport, says Michelle Glaros. He will be honored by the NW La Gay & Lesbian Film Fest at a reception at 4 pm on Sun, Sept 12. At 6 pm he will introduce an airing of Polyester (1981).

As a director, actor, graphic artist with showings at galleries across the globe, creator of the wildly successful Broadway musical "Hairspray", Gay/Lesbian role-model, social commentator, author of numerous books (including his 2010 best-seller Role Models), and even his being immortalized as an animated character on "The Simpsons"-- not to mention being the man who first took a chance, believed, and catapulted Johnny Depp from pin-up idol to serious-actor status and critical acclaim-- Mr. Waters is a renaissance man of almost unprecedented cultural influence.

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Anonymous said...

I'm expecting the spirit of Dawn Davenport to be at the Robinson that day.