Monday, August 16, 2010

Grassroots civic organization on the radio: on-air discussion of local issues by A Better Shreveport on KSCL fm, 91.3, every Monday at 5 pm

A Better
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Shreveport is changing in several ways. Many of us want to guide that change toward sustainability and healthy practices - enhancing bicycling and pedestrian opportunities, constructing green ways and saving historic downtown buildings.

There's a grass roots organization with that focus. It's called A Better Shreveport.

Listen to KSCL fm, 91.3, for live broadcasts on Mondays at 5 pm in which members of A Better Shreveport discuss local issues and explain the responses being planned. You'll hear from me, from Centenary College professor Loren Demerath, from realtor Carolyn Manning, urban planner Stephanie Pedro, an attorney who commutes by bicycle across the city, Maurice Loridans, and others.

Want an update on Shreveport's efforts to get a dog park? Expect to hear dog park news from Cynthia Keith.

If you've got a question or item you'd like to see on our agenda, please email

Are you aware that KSCL streams on the internet? See

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