Sunday, August 22, 2010

Case, Dirtfoot, Windstorm, Stiff necked Fools: Blue Goose Fest to be held in Festival Plaza on Labor Day, Mon, Sept 6, noon to 10 pm

Askari Hinton has returned to his family land holdings to reclaim a salty piece of historic Shreveport. He's a landlord and developer in a neighborhood on the railroad tracks near Princess Park and Fertittas Delicatessen. The area was known as Blue Goose or, perhaps more commonly, as Crosstown.

To build awareness for what one day will be prime touristic and residential territory, Hinton is holding his first Blue Goose Festival.
The Blue Goose neighborhood is far from being rehabilitated so this gathering will be held at Festival Plaza, says Hinton.

Check him out at Blue Goose Blues Foundation. One day, the Blue Goose / Crosstown could be humming again.

Festival music by
Stiff Neck Fools
AJ and the Two Tone Blues Band
Alter Ego

- Askari Hinton
- Sylvia McIntyre

Tickets available at
- Mingles Sport Resturant
1511 Alkay dr Shreveport
- The Naked Bean
3307 Line Ave shreveport
- Laundry Basket Tavern
2015 Centenary Shreveport

Online at

Illustration: Kathryn Usher.

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