Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Japanese fans listening to vinyl of the first album by Shreveport's jazzy A Train, circa 1979

A Train's first album, called "A Train," originally released in July 1979, will be reIssued in Tokyo by Think! Records, says Bruce Flett. "They're coming out with the album in CD format and a 7" vinyl Record of "Baby Please" and "Trip on Your Lip".

From Think! Records Yoco Mori: "This album contains so many musical elements such as rock, jazz, latin, etc. And it is perfectly well-balanced as 'one album'. Vinyl version of this album is so rare and highly admired by collectors nowadays."

The album will be on sale only in Japan.

Says Flett: "A Train's first LP was for sale several years ago in a specialty vinyl record store in Tokyo. Local club DJs started playing the song "Baby Please" (written by David Egan) from this LP. It has become a cult "hit" in the Underground Dance Clubs of Tokyo."

The original A Train lineup did not include singer Miki Honeycutt. The group was John Howe on lead vocals/saxes/flute/songwriting, Chris McCaa (aka Professor Porkchop) on keyboards/songwriting/vocals,
Buddy Flett on guitars and lead vocal on "Bend Over Baby," Bruce Flett on bass/vocals, Alan Tooraen on drums and the late Michael Johnson on congas and percussion.

Recorded at Southern Star Studios on Line Avenue in Shreveport, LA 1979. Produced by "A" Train. Originally released on Southern Star records July 1979, Re-released on SOOTO Records 1981.

Song Titles
1. Time Stops (J.Howe, C.McCaa)
2. Bend Over Baby (Buddy Flett)
3. Time Stops ( J.Howe, C.McCaa)
4. Baby Please (David Egan)
5. When I Call Your Name (J.Howe)
6. I Don't Wanna Lose You (Marvin Morrow)
7. When Did You Lose Your Love (David Egan)
8. Color of Your Hair (J. Howe)
9 Puerto Rican Hotel (C. McCaa)

Flett is thinking about ordering a few of his own albums in the new Japanese wrappers.

He points out, "All of the "A" Recordings available on CD at www.CDBaby.com
- A Train Volume 1 1st&2nd albums
- A Train Volume 2 Live at Humpfrees & River of People
plus "Holiday Love" bonus track

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Anonymous said...

You might want to get Bruce talking about the A-Train precursor, which I believe was billed as "The Flett Brothers with John Howe."

I remember they were the de facto house band at the MedCorp for what seemed like forever. Jimmy Honeycutt played sax, along with the line up in this post. I think Miki came with Jimmy and stayed after he/they split.

Great group then, none better locally for that kind of music. Of course it was also the era of "progressive country," so you got to throw in Otis Wheat Band, Fiddle Man Band, Rain, Caspiana, various incarnations of Randy "Mountain Goat" Arthur's groups (like Howdy with Mike Grady and whatever it was called when backing Raymond Blakes).

Live music was, well, live. Post eight track, pre-CD. Gone but not forgotten...