Wednesday, June 16, 2010

William Joyce will introduce classic film Metropolis on Fri, June 18, 8 pm, Robinson Film Center

William Joyce is going to introduce the 8:00 PM screening, says Chris Jay, of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis on Friday night, June 18, at Robinson Film Center. He will be walking the audience through a quick tour of his favorite moments from silent films, as the clips play on the big screen.

"He was here yesterday preparing his presentation, and it’s going to be really fantastic for anyone who is interested in film history – what I saw as he was preparing the video clips he’ll be showing made me run off and update my Netflix queue – it’s essentially about a dozen breathtaking moments from silent films, many of which were unknown to me," added Jay.

Moonbot Studios is co-presenting our week-long engagement of METROPOLIS, which runs at the RFC June 18-24.

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