Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Evidently, the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra is dead; long live the symphony orchestra

Writes Deborah Scarlatto, a keen observer of the ups and downs of the local orchestra, " Last night the Shreveport Symphony Board voted to close the symphony. I am not privileged to details, but the musicians felt that they were very close to a workable solution."

Scarlatto continues, "I am having a great deal of difficulty grasping the idea that a group of adults would just pull the plug. Personally, I do not think this is a wise move and I hope I do not have to see any Symphony Board members for a long while. I know that I would want to share my feelings with them and I would not be very pleasant. Perhaps we can somehow keep the music and musicians playing through other venues. What a terribly sad day for the culture of this area."

Responding to her news, former SSO president David Lillien offered, "The silver lining is that now that the admin and board are gone, poof, a new organization can be formed."

And in a similar vein, Ky Mason offered, " Throughout this disturbing ordeal for our players and patrons, I have been recalling the events that led to the development of what is now the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. I believe there is much to gain from their experience, and, if I remember correctly, Shirley Trusty Corey had an instrumental hand in those efforts. I recommend we seek her input.

I believe there is much better opportunity of which the new regime can avail and achieve great success and a wonderfully realistic future - one that creatively meets the marketing and membership goals of today's societal interests!

Best of luck to all. There are many on the sidelines who will lend energy and support!"

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Unknown said...

What a terrible loss to our region!