Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A petition to complete construction of a city park in Ledbetter Heights as part of a Ledbetter Historic Entertainment District by community leader Ron Hardy

This letter is a call to action to the citizens of Shreveport. The construction of a City Park located in Ledbetter Heights will complete Proposition No.2 (Parks and Recreation) Citizens' Bond Issue which was approved by the Shreveport City Council February 13, 1996 (Resolution No.16 of 1996) and approved by the registered voters of Shreveport in a special election held April 20, 1996. The initial allotted funding for this project was $1,845,000.00. Currently, in the 2009 Capital Improvements Budget there is $1,334,000.00 available for this project to be completed.

Please support the construction of this Shreveport City Park on the land located on the West side of the 700 block of Lawrence Street. The perimeter of this area is Milam, Lawrence, Oakland and Hope Streets two blocks west the Municipal Auditorium. The Park, a component of SPAR, will be focused on music and art as they relate to recreation. The park will house a stage for live performances as pictured in the scale model of the Ledbetter Heights Historic Entertainment District, community economic development project, proposed by Playaz and Playettes, Inc. Please go to to see the Ledbetter Heights Historic Entertainment District Scale Model and Legend. This project will improve the quality of life for the citizens of Shreveport through the creation, exposure and access to music and the arts. This project will also add to the historic artistic ambiance of Ledbetter Heights as it relates to the new Cultural Arts District adapted by the State of Louisiana for Shreveport. The project as well will create promote tourism and increase revenue to the downtown area.

Please take action and contact your local City Council Representative, the Mayors Office and other Elected Offices and voice your support for moving Shreveport forward in the arts and entertainment. Now is the time to implement this project as Millennium Film Studio begins to break ground in the development of their studio which is 5 blocks northeast of this proposed site.

See the petition here:

Ron Hardy
720 Hope Street
Shreveport, LA 71101

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