Saturday, June 13, 2009

Artists who complete the NW La Artists Roster application by Mon, June 15, will be adjudicated by peers on the Roster in June

The NWLA Juried Artists Roster application, says Shreveport Regional Artist Council's Vicki Marshall, is "the easiest way to get connected to on-going local, statewide, and national arts opportunities and to receive streamlined consideration for local participation. The jury process is a peer selection process wherein your application is reviewed by the members of the NWLA Juried Artists Roster.

Applications are reviewed every other month, six times a year. The next review will be in June, in connection with the deadlines for several of these applications. Acceptance to the NWLA Juried Artists Roster deems an artist to be professional. In many cases, professional artists are given first priority - and streamlined access - to community art opportunities. Your bio, artists statement and samples of work are maintained by SRAC and you do not have to submit these vital elements each time you apply.

The application is due on June 15 for review at the June Roster Artists meeting. This will be the review prior to the October Exhibition at artspace. Applications are received on a regular basis and are reviewed every other month. 2009/2010 review months are: June, August, October, (no December Review), January, March, and May. Applications are due by the 15th day of the Review month.

The NWLA Juried Artists Roster meets monthly to network, inform and advise about artistic policy, and become informed about arts opportunities.

On, October 1, 2009, artspace will open an Exhibition of works by the NWLA Juried Artists Roster. The exhibition will include, Visual and Literary works as well as three weeks of scheduled performances. All artists selected to the NWLA Juried Artists Roster will be invited to submit up to three works for consideration into the Exhibition. At least one work will be exhibited. Exhibition application is due no later than August 15. Newly accepted artists to the Artists Roster will also be invited to participate."

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