Thursday, June 11, 2009

KSCL, 91.3 fm: college radio has a new set of indie announcers and a concert series in the Centenary College shell

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Music seekers may continue to find random godliness in the Shreveport ether at 91.3 on the fm wave, says Kelly Dunnigan.

It's KSCL: "We are an educational, non-commercial, college radio station broadcasting from Centenary College of Louisiana. We're completely student run and offer an eclectic mix of programs. The Shreveport underground music scene begins here."

The intrepid leaders, says, include Kelly Dunnigan, Zachary Osric Owens, Tyler Davis, and Cazes Verbois.

Recently I caught a Wed evening of carousal with Chris Jay, famously with Robinson Film Center but undergroundedly of the Pillage People.

This week Elizabeth Lawrence and Kelly Beresko announced the return of their program, Hi, How Are You? Says Beresko to Lawrence, "yow! i am super excited. and we definitely should get there early. possibly get coffee beforehand? OR stock up on arizona tea and grandma's cookies. hahaha. i cannot wait." That's Mon, 10 - 12 pm.

There's also the Alex Beeler Show. And the Dalzell Show. See the schedule here.

You'll see open slots, too. Dunnigan says, "if you live in the Shreveport/Bossier area, and have two hours of your week to spare, then you can apply for your very own show on KSCL 91.3! Check out available spots on our schedule page. Download a DJ application and send it to Kelly Dunnigan at"

KSCL is also producing concerts in the shell amphitheater. Says Verbois: Distant Lights, Pandemic, Her Sweet Autumn Misery. They will be performing in the Centenary Shell for free this Sunday 3 to 7 pm.

Also from Verbois: we will be hosting some very talented Hip-Hop Artists and DJs in a Free Concert on Sat, June 27! From 5-10pm! Located in the Center of Centenary Campus in the Shell Amphitheater, this show will feature the some Cool People such as:
Rhyme University
Deacon Strukt
Lil Joe
And Some Guest Appearances.


tOnY rEaNs! said...

I should host my own vinyl jazz hour! Ha! I could bring my turntable and hook it up. You think I'd be the only one listening?


trudeau said...

Vinyl jazz hour sounds very kscl to me, Tony.