Friday, June 26, 2009

A Better Shreveport group meets Tues, June 30, 8:20 am, Centenary Square, to continue work on bike routes, Texas St cultural district & retail, greenways

ABetterShreveport will meet Tuesday at 8:20 a.m., says Loren Demerath, in Centenary Square, room 206. Demerath's invitation continues, That's across the street from George's Gill. Enter from the back parking lot and you can't miss us.

We'll talk about our progress and the tasks that lay ahead for:

* The Bike Route Network (map and signs to go on side of road; logo to be painted on road itself; I've got logo's etc. to show, thanks for Ford Bevins!)
* Texas St. retail (what did Brady Blade learn at the shopping center convention? is there work we could do to create a vision of a downtown shopping destination that wouldn't depend on residents and wouldn't have to "follow the rooftops"? is there a coordination of property owners we could facilitate?)
* Texas Ave. cultural district (what have we learned about what it would take to have residents who are also business-owners move in? or just residents? hooray for our new downtown lunch meeting! what have April Kempf, Feico, and the others learned?)
* Cooperatives Center for Bikes, Food, and Building Restoration (what did Steve learn from his visit to the restoration cooperative(s) in Dallas? what space(s) would be available for a coop center that would also help downtown and therefore help create a more dense, more walkable, and less sprawled city?)
* Converting the bayous/drainage ditches to greenways (nature trail on hold til November while labor and plans are organized by Jon Soul; is it time to mow other sections? what does the National Park Service need in preparation for their next visit for making the plan?)

As always, we'll talk about particular projects or new ideas depending on who attends and the interest level.

Hope you can make it! The coffee will be on!

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