Monday, March 30, 2009

Strolling between Artspace and the Blind Tiger while sipping wine and listening to music: Thurs, Ap 16, downtown Happy Hour

"We've gotten the city to suspend the open-container law for this 5 pm to 9 pm event," said Downtown Development Authority head Don Shea of the outdoors downtown Happy Hour being planned for Thurs, Ap 16.

Shea was once head of the New Orleans downtown organization, and knows what happy hour is like in the Crescent City and in Lafayette. "In Lafayette, they began with a similar event called First Friday. It proved so popular that it became an Every Friday event."

Why is Shreveport trying it on Thursday? To take advantage of the Thursday Night Trolley service. The TNT, a successful event produced by Bonne Summers for SRAC and DDA, will provide no charge transportation.

Sites involved in launching the walk-or-ride libation loop are 1) Artspace 2) Robinson Film Center 3) Noble Savage 4) Sully's 5) Stray Cat (site of the Josh Brolin affair) and 6) the Blind Tiger.

There will be 2 bands playing, says Shea. Past that, details are being addressed as the planning continues. Shea told the Times " "The happy hour thing is a way to create community. It's not a typical festival or a concert. It's kind of an off-center thing to do."

It's not clear yet how visual artists will be a part of the Happy Hour. If you've got an idea that you've seen work in another locale, email a proposal to SRAC or call one of the watering holes.


Anonymous said...

I think its a great idea. I'm a musician that has played the city-approved similar events in Lafayette and Alexandria, its a great community atmosphere. A lot of people do not stay out late.
Remember the great Happy Hour at the Glass Hat w/Marvin Seals and his band? That was a great community event.
Its a shame that alcohol has to be part of the mix to make it successful, but it does. Did Josh Brolin have an affair at the Stray Cat? Colin Powell was there too, he plays Muddy Waters in Cadillac Records. Robinson Film Center needs to bring that movie.
Do you Twitter two?

Unknown said...

Why can't visual artists vend their stuff in front or near the featured stops...and please don't jury them in and please don't charge them a booth fee... let it be free for all...invite some tarot card readers and some dude painted silver to perform for tips...make it loosey goosey...