Friday, March 06, 2009

Review: Five singers, 8-piece orchestra bring Broadway energy to River City Rep's "And the world goes round" at Capri Theater

Theater in the round - or the rectangular, in the case of the Capri Theater - worked for the singers and musicians belting Kander & Ebb tunes in River City Rep's "And the world goes round." At the Thursday night performance it was impossible not to take the measure of the quintet. Happily, they're professionals and more than equal to the classic tunes and dances ("Cabaret," "New York, New York," etc).

Dina Bennett, a former Shreveport now traveling widely as a multifaceted singer, performed with a voice both rich and admirably controlled. Seva May and Janin Pou were in their briar patch. May was, I suppose, born to cabaret. And Pou is like her sister in song. Jonathan McVay, based in Houston, was fit and earnest. Don McCoy was even more earnest and soaring of voice.

The Kermit Poling-led orchestra was my favorite element. The group, composed of top-rank musicians - Shreveport Symphony players - added sizzle and punch to the evening. Jazz, blues, stage music, story-telling music: the octet took a good show and made it better.

In addition to Poling, the group included Arthur Williams, flute, Thomas Phillips, clarinet, Mike Scarlato, trumpet, Mark Thompson, trombone, Christopher Allen, bass, Chandler Teague on kit and percussion and Joy Ratcliff on synth.

RCR's And the World Goes Round:
Mar 4………………….7:30 pm
Mar 5………………….7:30 pm
Mar 6………………….7:30 pm
Mar 7………………….7:30 pm
Mar 8………………….2:00 pm


Anonymous said...

I loved this show! The group of people I attended the show with had the best time and we were all very impressed at the level of talent. Usually, when you attend a musical here, you're forced to sit through weak, lackluster singing. This was that BIG, BROADWAY sound! Congrats to this company for another fine, high quality production.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice a pattern with the above comment. Whenever a compliment is given out for any RCRT show (which it deserves), the commenter then takes the occassion to put down the other local theater in town. Case in point..."Usually, when you attend a musical here, you're forced to sit through weak, lackluster singing." Believe me, I have heard all the rebuttals you all are going to give (jealous, bitter, amateur, etc.). Nothing could be further from the truth. I just wonder when the mud is going to stop being slung from RCRT patrons. We get it, you put on good shows. Can't your success be enough to satisfy you? Just wondering. By the way Patric, nice comment.