Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lt Gov announces Shreveport's selection as a Cultural District; how can the city leverage the designation into a more vibrant arts environment?

Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu will be holding a press conference Tues, March 10, at 2:00 pm in the Mayor’s Conference Room in Government Plaza, says Shreveport Regional Arts Council.

He will be announcing that Shreveport has been selected as a Cultural District by the State of Louisiana.

Will the mayor announce his plans to build upon this opportunity?


Unknown said...

I say now's the time to rethink our branding of SB Land as "Louisiana's Other Side."

And while we are at it can we redo the slide show on the Shreveport Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau's front page of their website to include some of the culture in the area? I do not go to places to see their rodeo stars, doctors, sports personalities, chain retail stores, military airplanes, or federal courthouses. But hey, that's just me.

Anonymous said...

"Other Side" sounds like we are the ass end of Louisiana. I don't see how Shreveport thinks it can get away with closing it's bars early. We try so hard to be a big city and yet we do things like this... or give away the Hayride to Bossier... or create adult only spaces like the Red River District... or allow the Mudbugs to move... or give away Cyber Command... or CenturyTel... and we wonder why Bossier is doing so well. So many ships have sailed across the river. The best thing we can do now is try to make downtown more like it was 20-30 or even 50 years ago where there are more restaurants and retail shops. Say goodbye to Shreveport-Bossier and welcome Bossier Shreveport. People from L.A., and Dallas or Austin all think Shreveport is a cute little town yet we call ourselves a city. This "city" doesn't have nightly entertainment or even a dozen retail stores downtown. I can't continue to talk about the way Shreveport is lacking. It hurts. I want to stay here but if our leadership continues to elect "old white folks" to govern our city's choices with ethics and ideas from a bygone era of censorship and modesty, I may well have to find another place where I can actually have a career and social life.

Anonymous said...

Identity... Hmmm... Sorta like being cool. Can you manufacture it if you aint got it in the first place? Some seem to think you can. And maybe that's so, but you got to have some elemental pieces in place first, and I those are just not apparent.

It's not enough to have a handful of hometown "heros" to pin yer cool on, nor try to resurrect the bygone eras that may have been.

Anonymous said...

I like Shreveport. It's easy to bitch about everything and leave an anonymous comment on a blog. But to leave an anonymous comment and say nothing but good things about Shreveport takes a lot of courage! Shreveport has nice trees and lots of squirrels. What's wrong with 'being nice'?

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with being nice. Shreveport has a lot to offer. However, we don't have enough to be able to simply flush away the majority of our night life. Want to reduce crime, etc? Build more businesses downtown. Do what the Red River district was supposed to do... only don't put an age limit on it. Old folks don't need to run a town in need of use by young folks.

I could carry on a row about how Shreveport has been ruined time and again by older folks who think they are hip and aren't- and refuse to listen to what people acutally would like to have- Trudeau (and several others) excluded, of course.

Build it and they will come, I say.