Friday, March 27, 2009

East Meets West in the Aseana Foundation's Asian Spring Fest on Sat, Mar 28, 10:30 am to 5 pm, corner of Milam, Texas Ave and Common Streets

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The Aseana Foundation, hosting the downtown Asian Spring Festival, Sat, Mar 28, at Municipal Park, offers this schedule (with the understanding of the imperfection of such an agenda) :

10: 30 AM Opening Remarks
10:35 AM Karate/Dance Number
11:00 AM Twin Eagles American Indians Dance
11:30 AM Asian Fruit Carving / Ice Carving Demonstration
12:00 noon Viking Sword Fight demonstration
12: 25 PM Guest Speaker
12:30 PM Asian Martial Arts Demonstration, including Iaido (Japanese Samurai Sword Techniques), Aikido and Judo (Throwing Techniques) and Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate (Empty hand Striking Technique and Kata), as well as Okinawan Kobujutsu (Traditional Okinawan Weapons) and Breaking Demonstrations (Wood and Concrete)
1:30 PM Chinese String Instrument Presentation
1:40 PM Fencing Demonstration
2:00 PM Asian Indian Dance Presentation
3:00 PM Classical String Instrument Presentation
Asian Fashion Show
3:20 PM World Class Archery Demonstration
3:30 PM Power and Grace Performing Arts Jazz and Ballet Presentation
4:00 PM Centenary Suzuki Music Presentation
4:15 PM Indian Dance / Belly Dancing (Kathy Fontaine and Dancers)
5:00 PM Closing Remarks

Asian food booths, music and magnificent gardens - mbetween Milam and Texas Avenue @ Common Street.))
Excellent nearby parking.
No charge.

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