Sunday, January 25, 2009

NYC concert by Brian Blade and band, Fellowship, to be broadcast Tues at 8 pm on Red River Radio, 89.9 fm

Jazzset, narrated by singer Dee Dee Bridgewater and broadcast on Red River Radio, 89.9, will feature Shreveport native Brian Blade and his band, Fellowship, Tues at 8 pm, says Brady Blade.

The copy at says, "Late in the 1980s, Brian Blade left home in Shreveport for Loyola University in New Orleans. He studied with the city's legendary teachers and formed his own working trio. When Blade moved from New Orleans to New York, his bandmates — Jon Cowherd on piano and Chris Thomas on bass — relocated, as well. Adding a guitar and two saxophones, they became the Fellowship Band."

How'd he become so loved by the NYC media? "Word of mouth raised Blade's profile, at which point major artists, including Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, began to hire him. Wayne Shorter also scooped him up for the superb Wayne Shorter Quartet. His career on a strong upward trajectory, Blade keeps his feet on the pedals, his ears and heart open to the moment, and continues to lead the Fellowship Band."

You don't really have to wait til Tues; you can hear the concert right now at There's a lovely interview and almost an hour of music.

The recent Fellowship album is called Season of Change; I highly recommend it.

Something else you'll find at is a taste of Brian's next record, to be called Mama Rosa. Npr writes, "On this one, he wrote all the songs, plays guitar and sings." There's a preview, a song called "Mercy angel." It's rich.

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