Saturday, January 03, 2009

Austin's the Gourds to tune up the Celebrity Lounge, Eldorado Casino, on Sat, Jan 17; Dirtfoot opens

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What to know about Austin's roots-rock quintet the Gourds is that they've made 9 albums, have a rep for raucous, droll live performances ("A rolling rag and bone pawn shop jalopy of song" ) and that guitarist Kevin Russell began his musical career in Shreveport in the Picket Line Coyotes.

The Gourds will perform at Eldorado Casino on Sat, Jan 17, at 11 pm. The sextet Dirtfoot, the band who bring their own mermaids to work, will pop the evening's top, says Leslie Peck.

Sounding like Wilco or The Band, the Gourds ("Unwashed. Well read.") want it all. They want to be country. And rock. And silly. And enlightened.

The Picket Line Coyotes cut their bashing first album in Shreveport after a period of gigging at the Killer Poodle, Silver Bullet and Humpfrees. They were reckless punks whose musical arc leads in a surprisingly direct way to the Gourds. Read more about that chapter of Shreveport rock history at Shreveport Blog as well as the Picket Line Myspace created by drummer and co-founder David M. Green (see photos, too).

What to know about the Celebrity Lounge at the casino: comfortable furniture, great lights, excellent sound, no cover, age 21 and up. Also, they book terrific local bands such as Professor Porkchop, Groove Agents, Bushrod Jenkins, The Roscoes and Ambush.


Unknown said...

Don't forget the oxygen bar

P.S. Thank you for remembering to tip your servers and dealers (if you venture onto the boat).

Robert E Trudeau said...

Excellent point, Kathryn.

Tip'Ping is not a city in China.

Something I remember from my days as a waiter.

Anonymous said...

O MAN! I AM WAAAYYYYY EXCITED ABOUT SEEING KEVIN RUSSELL/THE GOURDS PERFORM! The Pickett Line Coyotes were awesome back then & I can't wait to see these guys perform again!