Thursday, January 01, 2009

Little Foodie, Big Dreams: cooking blog and NYC culinary school adventure from singer Alana Dyson, aka PJ Irving

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While you may know Alana Dyson as an artist or a chanteuse, perhaps as PJ Irving, singer of slinky standards, there's another side with which to reckon. She is a dedicated foodie who's so comfortable in the kitchen that she's decided to enroll in the French Culinary Institute.

The best news is that she's a capable writer and photographer. And that she has a blog, Little Foodie, Big Dreams. If things go well, her friends, family and fellow foodles can follow her as adventures in NYC come to table.

New Years' day she's up to cabbage, peas and turkey. There's also mirepoix, garlic and pate. On the 29th she posted about cooking Whole wheat onion and Jarlsberg tartlets. Wow.

Hope she can keep her prose and camera work going despite the tastevin overload of the Big Apple.

Photo by Debbie Engle.


Pan's Pantry said...

I'm so happy to have this woman as part of my foodie family! Rock NYC, Alana.

fatasspigeononthedrag said...

Thanks 4 featuring me! It's great to have someone in my corner (of the blogosphere)!

Robert E Trudeau said...

You guys mean a lot to me! Alana, I remember when you were age 14 and you were an artist and your school notebook was like New Year's confetti. Truly, I am happy for you and want to be a supporter of your work. Shreveport needs several cooking and restaurant blogs and I'm sorry that it isn't my time to write one of them.

Not surprisingly, I have a foodie daughter, Madeline, and I hope one day it works that she'll have a cooking blog, too.

I have one blogger's bit for you: if you don't have the time to post but feel like you want something fresh on the page, you might call on writerly friends for a contribution. I, for one, would be available.

Unknown said...

Go for it Alana. I don't know you very well but you are so talented in many areas!

My advice for blogging. A post can be as simple as 1). A picture. 2). A picture and one sentence. 3). Two sentences, just a thought. 4). A picture or scan of a receipt. Just a dot of your everyday life.

This might be a good place to mention there's another foodie in town. His blog is pretty fun

Debbie Buchanan Engle said...

Yeah, but who's going to pay my gym membership fee so I can lose this FAT *SS I've grown since Alana's been cooking so many cookies, turkeys, pies, mashed potatoes, pork, stuffed mushrooms, etc. etc. etc. etc.??

Alan actually has a BELLY now!!


. said...

what belly?
damn, i'm going to miss those scones, buttery cookies, and pies!

Debbie Buchanan Engle said...

It's 1:45pm, and Alana just boarded her plane...we miss her already!