Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Highly recommended by David Nelson of minicine: Ashes of Time Redux at RFC through Thur, Jan 8

Writes film maven David Nelson, director of minicine: "Last night I saw the most remarkable film over at the Robinson Film Center which may be sorta slipping through the cracks of the holiday season. The film, Ashes of Time Redux, is visually stunning, complex, requires some effort to follow but not to much (It is in Chinese with English Subtitles) , and totally worth seeing twice or more... and best on a big screen (a computer monitor or home DVD setup would be such a shame as an option for this one... ). I was so impressed by this film I called the RFC and asked if I could offer a ticket discount to everyone on the minicine? mailing list, and they agreed... So, if you are not a member of the RFC and you print this email out and present it when you buy a ticket you will get the members pricing... at $5.75, instead of the normal $8.75. This is a martial arts film in which amazing action meets art! OMG!

Ashes of Time Redux
Directed by Wong Kar Wai
Cinematography by Christopher Doyle, Score by Yo-Yo Ma
Martial arts/Romance/Drama - In Cantonese with English Subtitles, Rated R

And next week, continues Nelson... Let the Right One In (Swedish: Låt den rätte komma in) !
You can also use this email for "Let the Right One In" next week at the RFC. I saw this film in New Orleans in November and was totally captivated by it. It is Swedish, and it is totally tweaked. If you love vampire films this one will not disappoint; it's got one of the best vampire bite scenes I have ever seen on film.

Both of these films are exceptional... Thank you to the Robinson Film Center for bringing them to Shreveport...


Tevin said...

Thanks for helping to promote these two films at the RFC... but how did you manage to cut and paste my email and then somehow the word "over" changed to "ever" in my opening line... That's a pretty big difference and maybe reflects your excitement more than mine... To say: "Last night I saw the most remarkable film "over" at the Robinson Film Center" and your version: "Last night I saw the most remarkable film "ever" at the Robinson Film Center" are two totally different statements... While I do think Ashes of Time Redux is a remarkable film, I, maybe sadly, haven't decided yet if it is the most remarkable film "ever"... anyway, we should ask your readers who attend this film if, in fact, it is the most remarkable "ever"... I would love to know what kind of films Shreveport likes... LOL, David

Tevin said...

R.- Thanks for correcting the text... Hey, I went back for a second visit and the film held up well... I still would like to know how others feel about it or thoughts about good films to bring to Shreveport... Best to You. -D.