Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ex libris, RW Norton Art Foundation: eNewsletter called Around the Gallery and the First Saturday tour

Realism exhibit
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Around the Gallery is the new email newsletter from RW Norton Art Foundation. Edited by Kristi Kohl, the extensive package has articles helpful to a wide range of readers. Contributors include Everl Adair, Gary D. Ford, Jennifer DeFratis and Kip DeHart.

In the Feb issue are articles such as Scandals and Vandals, a teaser for the First Saturday tour, Putting the Romance in Romanticism, Tips from Kip: Making a Fresh Bouquet, Out in the Garden: Brown Pelican,
Voices from the Archives: Lloyd Lenard, U.S. Navy Lieutenant,
Behind the Scenes: Loren Culver, Oral History Project Associate,
Featured Artist: Anna Hyatt Huntington, Featured Artwork: Cybis Porcelain, Can You Guess the Title and Artist? Did You Know?
For the Kids: Where's the Love? and From the Vaults: Vintage Valentines.

As befits Norton, it is a richly-illustrated package. Subscribe by visiting their exemplary web site:

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