Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some 400 mob the Clyde Connell exhibit opening, Artspace Shreveport

Shreveport's art community turned out in a rush to see the opening of the Clyde Connell exhibit at Artspace. Some 400 people went through the doors at 710 Texas St, said Byron Gipson.

Pam Atchison, SRAC director and canny observer of Artspace openings, noted, "Some art shows are for seeing and being seen; at this one people were enthralled by the art. I heard so many exclamations of 'That piece reminds me of ...' and other stories of life with Clyde."

Atchison also pointed out the value of showing work by the descendents of Connell. "They've gotten the inspiration from Clyde but they each went in their own direction," she noted. Visitors to Artspace will see work by 2 great nephews, Dr. Pat Sewell and Dr. Bennett Sewell, granddaughter Carol Connell Shafton, great-grandson Anthony Colvin, son Bryan Connell and great niece Talbot Hopkins.

Kids will also have activities to work on downstairs in imitation of Clyde's work, owing to education manager Tarama Davenport.


Claudia said...

An extraordinary night! Inspirational!

Anonymous said...

Talbot did a masterful job with this exhibition, truly a marvelous use of the art and space. Thanks!