Saturday, September 13, 2008

Small Potatoes roll at Fairfield Studios on Sun, Sept 14, 7 pm

They're not normal like us
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"Watch out for the 'Potatoes... these folks are fun! Hailing from the Chicago area, this couple are pros to the core, and have a long list of endorsements," says Jim Huckabay at Fairfield Studios. The show is Sunday at 7 pm.

"Eclecticism is defined as composition drawn from various elements and styles. May it be humbly suggested that this definition be simply shortened to Small Potatoes," writes Kevin McCarthy in a review of their album.

"This Midwestern duo seamlessly hopscotches from one musical genre to another on their latest release. A Patsy Cline-sounding tune is followed by one bringing to mind Bob Wills or could it be Lyle Lovett? A cut with its genesis south of the border is preceded by a piece remindful of the 1930s music scene. Add a few ballad-like numbers, a splash of self-deprecating humor and dash of whimsy, plus some instrumentals and, voila, you have this Jacquie Manning and Rich Prezioso, aka Small Potatoes, offering.

The title cut, "Waltz Of The Wallflowers," depicts two introverts warily attending a social function. Presenting the thoughts and fears whirling inside their heads, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes his line followed by her line, the pair eventually notices each other and finally end up on the dance floor to both their surprise and satisfaction."

Fairfield Studios' upcoming shows include:

BLAME SALLY: Sunday, October 26 (an amazing all-women quartet from San Franciso)
THE DREAMSICLES: Saturday, November 22 (A house concert favorite act, returning once again)
PEPPINO D'AGASTINO: January 27 (repeat performance— guitarist. Our first sold-out concert!)

Reservations: 220-0400

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