Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Humpfrees owner Gerald Cruz, Sr, passes away in Ft Worth; presented A Train, Johnny Campbell, others to Shreve Square in 70's

Writes Marcie Cruz, "Just thought that I would let you know that Gerald Cruz, Sr. The original owner of Humps in the Square, also helped A Train, Kix Brooks and the late Johnny "Slim" Campbell get their start has died.

Gerald Cruz, Sr. passed away tonight Tuesday, September 30, about 7 pm in Ft. Worth, Texas, with his family and friends beside him.

He loved bringing blues and jazz to Shreveport in the late 70's like Roosevelt Sykes, Room Full of Blues, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Delbert McClenton and so many others. It was probably one of the happiest times in his life."

Thanks to Marcie Cruz, too, for the historic photo above and several more from the 70's.


marcie said...

Many thanks to all of Gerald Sr's friends in Shreveport. He loved music and enjoyed the many nigths at Humps with all of you. I remember "Toga" night, where he came dressed as a Gorilla and danced the night away. We will all have great memories of Gerald.

His and my son Gerald Jr. has turned into such a wonderful aldult and has dealt with the passing of his father graciously and with such respect.

We will all miss Gerald Sr. and we know that he is no longer in pain and that he is at rest now.

Anonymous said...

Opening Night at Humpfrees in the Square 1978 was really great. We had Tuxedo Tails and it was a secret to the Audience, we put them on upstairs and when it was time to start we walked downstairs, thru the crowd, onto the stage and opened with "Take the 'A'Train" sure enough, it was a Trainwreck. So we kicked into "Caldonia" and everything was fine. Click on "Uploaded by Trudeau" under the picture and see the pics of Roosevelt Sykes&John Howe, then John & Buddy getting their tails ready for opening night..Those were the days. Anyone remember a better consitent live music PARTY than "A Train(or the others Marcie mentioned) at Humpfrees"?
Thank you Gerald for making it possible- no Grants,commissions, market surveys,Corporate Sponsors, just IT happened. -Bruce Flett

LateNight said...

Veterans Amphitheater, Humpfrees in the Square.. Man o' man what a time that was. The music at Humpfrees..
I'm getting all bummed out now. :(

Anonymous said...

thanks to all who made that time the best in my fathers life...kind regards, Gerald Jr...services will be Sunday here in Fort Worth if any can attend..

Anonymous said...

I would like to put a wreath or flowers on the old door steps of Humprees in rememberance of Gerald Cruz, Sr. anyone else that would like to please join me.

Anonymous said...

To: Gerald Cruz Jr
Your mother called me today and informed of you lost. Your dad is a cherished part of history and an icon in the Shreveport community. He had foresight and vision that others can just dream of. He touch many peoples lives from his friends to inspiring musians to those had who had never even met him. He did what he did enjoying life never asking for approval or seeking praise. I am sure that of all that he has acomplished, that the small boy that is now a man, is and shall always be his most prized possesion. His spirit lives in you and I know you will use it to your best ability. God bless you!
Sincerely, Charlie Lombardino

Anonymous said...

So I'm graduating from college in two months and gerald says help me open a nightclub. So I did. I even wrote my term paper on the bar. We opened on a Wednesday with Hart's Island and followed on Friday with A Train in tuxedos. It was magical. It had its ups and downs, but it was never dull. Gerald was the manager/owner and I was asst. manager. I remember we'd go to the race track with the money bag before we went to the bank. A very daring financial strategy. We went to see ANIMAL HOUSE and Gerald decided we'd have a TOGA party. It was great. Gerald sold it after about 9 months to Charles B. Pierce, a movie producer and director. That's when the actors started showing up. It was a hell of a ride. Thanks for the memories Gerald. Adios, Dickie Bothel

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for such nice notes and memories of Gerald.
We are sitting up a memorial at the front door of the Old Humprees in the Square for Gerald sometime late tommorrow afternoon. If you would like to come by and pay your respects.

Anonymous said...


Yes the racetrack...........Did you ever get your degree?

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Gerald Cruz, Sr.
Funeral Service 3:00 pm Sunday
@ Thompson's Harveson and Cole Funeral Home Ft. Worth, Texas
Family will receive friends beginning @ 2:00 pm Sunday.

Anonymous said...


please sign the guestbook

Carlos Colon said...

Gerald was a good friend of mine in elementary school (St. Joseph). I never knew he owned Humpfrees, but I was living in Memphis and didn't move back to Shreveport until 1981. Humpfrees was a great venue. I saw Gatemouth Brown there, Hart's Island, and of course the fabulous Flett Brothers.

Carlos Colon

Jerry Gordon said...

Gerald was one of a kind. He asked me to invest in Humpfrees. I did, and it was great. Gerald and Marcie ruled the world. I was saddened by the news of his death. All my Humpfrees memories, and there are many, are special. Humps, Edmonds, etc. What a time! I still meet people who talk about the good times at Humps. My condolences, Jerry Gordon

Anonymous said...


Thanks for asking. Yes, I had my degree when we were at the racetrack. I appreciate your concern.

Dickie Bothel

Diane Sheffield said...

Bruce, there was no better live party anywhere than A-Train on Monday nights at Humpfrees! It is kind of amazing so many folks turned out AGAIN on Monday to dance and visit when you consider most had been there the weekend too. That was the magic of Humpfrees. Great music and great friends. My sincere condolances Gerald, Jr. and Marcey. Thanks "Humpfree", the original! What a vision! Rest well. Rock on!

Anonymous said...

That man had five wives! Two of which he never mentioned to me. I will say that he was a very generous person. Through my eyes Gerald was a troubled, needy, ungrateful, and hurtful man, but under his rough exterior is a truly good person. I knew him very well and through many years could never warm up to him or even understand the things he did. Gerald was unique and I for sure have never met anyone like him. My memories of him are sure not as pleasant as everyone else's, but they have influenced me as a person and I will remember him always.