Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"Real artists are always somewhere else, no matter where they live:" Bill Gingles, artist

While he teaches and paints in Shreveport, abstract artist Bill Gingles sells his work in Chicago, San Antonio and Covington / Baton Rouge.

Shreveport Blog editor Robert Trudeau listens as Gingles offers a brief exploration of his background and philosophy of art.

Developing artists eager for more such insight might consider The Business of Art, a 9 to 5 pm workshop at Robinson Film Center produced by Jane Allison of the LSU Small Business Dev Center. It will be presented Sat, Sept 13. The conference features national speakers and lunch and costs $35 ($25 in advance).

Register at 318-797-5144. See more detail in a previous blog post, please.


Crazy In Shreveport said...

Excellent docublogging. It's a visual feast with the nicely edited footage. Bill's work and life look appealing.

Interestingly enough, my approach to art making couldn't be more different. For me art is all about place. I only want to see and hear SB Land creations.

I really hate going to local art shows and seeing items like a painting of a Flordia beach scene. Anybody can do that. Make me some quality SB Land art. Tell me about the place where I live.

To take the daily life of SB Land and create a really good piece of art, to document the myths of this place, that's where my creative life is being lived.

trudeau said...

Thanks, kathryn.

With diverging philosophies, both Gingles and you have the power of artistic voodoo.