Monday, September 29, 2008

Salt Dreams, a roaring New Orleans-to-Utah documentary by artist JT Nesbitt: Wed, Oct 1, 8 pm, Actor's Cafe

JT Nesbitt is a wild man born and raised in Shreveport but come of age amidst the sweet olive trees of the Vieux Carre of New Orleans. He is a capable painter and a designer par excellence. Yet I think I'd have to state his occupation as conjurer.

The floods of Katrina upended a world of success for Nesbitt that was wrapped around the Confederate Motor Company and a magical-looking motorcycle called the Wraith. In the salty aftermath he founded Ostensibly a cycle design shop, it found its life with a big Lincoln sedan salvaged from the flood.

An idea developed: make it into a hot rod capable of making a land speed record run. Take it to the legendary salt flats of Bonneville, Utah. Make a film of the process.

Nesbitt is handsome, persuasive and possessed of a contrarian drive stick. Hunter S Thompson somehow comes to mind.

Those of us who've followed his drama to this point cannot wait to see this entertainment.

Thus David Nelson announces that minicine? will host the Shreveport premiere of the documentary "Salt Dreams" and a live performance by My Graveyard Jaw on Wed Oct. 1, 8PM at the Actors Cafe, 1401 Fairfield Avenue. The tariff of $5 is nothing compared to the adventure to be consumed.

From the offical press release: "Salt Dreams", by Shreveport native J.T. Nesbitt, documents a group of New Orleans friends, who transform a Katrina-flooded, completely destroyed Lincoln Mark VIII into a high performance speed machine and drive it to the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, to set a land speed record. The film chronicles the group's refusal to be defeated by the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and their attempt to propel themselves into a positive future.

J.T.Nesbitt, the entire "New Orleans Race Team" and the race car will be present at the screening. Live music following the film will be provided by the New Orleans band, My Graveyard Jaw, featuring Stix du Clown.

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