Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dennis O Bryant: restless artist explores paint, metal, film and meta-tagged digital materials

Savvy art types know that seeking a place in the digital realm can be a time-consuming, painful experience. Yet you cannot ignore this new property. Here are a bit of the adventures of Dennis O'Bryant, an artist who is widening his digital lawn:

"Thanks to all of you that have indulged my e-mail blast over the past year and going to my blog to see the art. Last weekend I took over the maintenance of my website, a domain I have owned since early 2001. Blogs are mainly online journals - but I had made it a site to see my work, since updates for the website were taking months. Lots of months to upload, and then they were never as I wanted them (editor: Sound familiar?). Now my blog will be mainly an art journal ~ art in process. And my website, maintained by me, will be for completed work.

In a postscript, O'Bryant marvels, "Even more evolution within evolution: yesterday I had a one hour telephone/on-line tutorial with Network Solutions, who is the domain host for
and I learned much, not only about how people view a website but how search engines look at them. Key words, meta-tags
and ALT text are very important because the search engines do not recognize images, flash or video. It's all about the text.
Not too little, but not too much...there is a sweet spot of about 3-7% key words that they like to see.

So while it's about the images in front for people to see, it's about the text behind the scenes that the machines see.

All very interesting material to digest and I only thought I was re-doing a template full of pictures of my work."


RT: May all the regional artists who believe in their work stride into the digital underbrush as has this intrepid former Shreveporter. See his site in the sptBlog links, please.

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