Thursday, November 09, 2006

Preview Shreveport's newest art center, the member-supported West Edge Artists' Co-op, Sun, Nov 12, noon to 5 pm; 725 Milam

Soft opening invite

Take a painter's and sculptor's shake-down cruise on Milam St Sunday afternoon when the West Edge Artists' Co-op has its pre-party, aka the Soft Opening.

This is the first group I've heard use the term soft opening, which is PR Industry-speak for a preview, a non-formal event at which the glitches will be spotted and marked for re-painting.

It should be quite a celebration. The work crews have been gilding the cobwebs and mildew for months. Arts scene gaffer Debbie Engle says to expect "Way more than 50 pieces of art....and I think we're up to 38 member artists. Due to space constraints, we'll have to start a waiting list at 40 members."

Parking in the big lot near First Methodist would be a pretty good idea. The co-op is nearby at 725 Milam. That's noon to 5 pm.

See their freshened website at
PO Box 1785, Shreveport, La. 71166

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