Monday, November 20, 2006

Holiday guitar with sustain: Trans-Siberian Orchestra check presentation to Tipitina's Office Co-op, Shreveport

Trans-Siberian Orchestra check presentation

KVKI's Robert J. Wright, Stone City Attraction's Jack Orbin and Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Al Pitrelli presented Tipitina's Music Office Co-Op Shreveport director Dan Garner with a check representing their donation to the Shreveport facility for over $5000, says Garner. This was a portion of the proceeds from their concert at Century-Tel Arena on Monday, Nov 13th.

Last year TSO contributed to the Northwest Louisiana Foodbank, said Garner. "We like to give to a local non-profit in the communities where the performance takes place and it's important that we know the contributions will be used locally," observed Larry McGuffin from Stone City Attractions of San Antonio, Texas. The concert doubled the attendance from last year's, he said.

Garner added, " I'd like to personally thank Larry McGuffin for tracking us down to make the donation, Jack Orbin for running herd over everything (and for spending a few moments giving pointers to my daughter, Susan, on the ins and outs of the promoter biz) as well as Al Pitrelli who is not only a jaw-dropping guitar player, but also one really nice guy, for putting on a stunning show and being there to present the check in front of the thousands of fans that showed up to one truly great concert!"

If you're all, like, "Intriguing name, but I don't know that I've ever," Kansas City journalist Geoff Harkness compresses it thusly in The Pitch: "If you think Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a weird name for a band, wait till you get a load of these dudes in concert. Over-the-top doesn't begin to describe TSO's live show, a spectacle of light, sound, smoke, fire and flash pots that makes your average Broadway musical look like open-mic night at the coffee shop. Paired with this visual extravaganza is actual music -- full-blown heavy-metal operas that sound like Iron Maiden realized by a guitar-centric orchestra. And if that ain't freaky enough for you, keep in mind that all of the above is set to a Christmas theme that's safe for kiddies, headbangers and geezers alike, making for an unforgettable night at the hard-rock opera."

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