Thursday, November 30, 2006

Art by James Hunter, Clementine Hunter's grandson, at Columbia Cafe; reception Sun, Dec 3, from 4 - 6 pm

Art by James Hunter, Columbia Cafe
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Folk artist James Hunter's paintings are a vivid mixture of bright colors and memories of what it was like to grow up on a plantation on Cane River in Natchitoches Parish, says Marion Marks.

Hunter is the grandson of folk artist Clementine Hunter. His work was recently on display at the Louisiana State Museum, and his first show outside of the state was at the Stephens Gallery in Northport, Alabama in conjunction with the Kentuck Art Festival.

Says Marks at, "We are fortunate that her grandson, who spent much time with his Clementine, learned much of her history and also her love for paint. For when he picked up a brush, he brought back to life relics of an almost forgotten past.

James Hunter emerged just recently to pick up where his grandmother left off. And his colorful images of southern life and culture capture images that will never again be seen. As he grew up at Clementine’s feet, he spent almost twelve years in her shadow. He watched, and captured images, which are just now coming to canvas."

Reception: Sun from 4p.m. till 6p.m. at Columbia Cafe, northwest corner of Kings Highway and Creswell Avenue.

Marion Marks: 424-0880

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Nice to see he is signing his own name to his paintings now.