Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Art for your collection or as a gift: Artspace curator MaryBeth O'Connor has analysis & a ton of art; Artspace hours 10 to 6, Tues - Sat

Artspace director MaryBeth O Connor & staffers Dawn Back, Derick Jones
Artspace director MaryBeth O'Connor was joined by staffers Dawn Back & Derick Jones after Deck the Halls opening night. Some 400 people partied to the sounds of Kellee Johnson and the Chris Worthy Band in a vast roomful of paintings, sculpture & jewelry.

The arrival of MaryBeth O'Connor as director of Artspace benefits art lovers of the region in at least a couple of ways. She has taken firm hand at Artspace and has begun to demonstrate her well-traveled sense of how to show art. And she is now available as a public resource for analysis and choice in art purchasing. What level of value to attach to a Jerry Wray or Bill Gingles painting? Who's got classic appeal and why? Who's up and coming? She's articulate and vibrant; like Michael Butterman at the symphony, she's new and unfettered by Shreveportitis.

"Work will be rotating on a weekly basis," O'Connor says. "We're showing 95 artists who submitted up to 15 pieces each. So I've got work to replace the pieces that sell as well as to refresh the exhibit."

Artspace hours:
Tues through Sat, 10 am to 6 pm
By appointment at 673-6535.

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Anonymous said...

She is a breath of fresh air to one of the coolest places in Shreveport!