Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Where to go with your Shreveport movie industry celeb shots: maybe it's

Kevin Costner
Originally uploaded by OnTask., a British Web site that sees itself as a “citizen journalism agency,” is connecting camera phone reporters with newspapers, says the NY Times. "The site’s founder, Kyle McRae, a former freelance technology writer, counts the major British dailies, along with newspapers on the Continent and in the United States, as his clients.

Unlike Bild, Scoopt’s reader-reporters license their photos for three months to Mr. McRae’s organization, and in return receive 50 percent of the sale price every time Scoopt sells a picture.

The Web site has members in 90 countries, and Mr. McRae talks of a day when a global legion of bloggers and camera phone reporters replaces journalists in covering major news events.

“Being the first on the scene is valuable,” he said. “It’s thousands of times more valuable than the quality.”

That's from the NYTimes story Amateurs Get In on the Paparazzi Beat.

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