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Burning Man documentary by Austin-based web moguls who once lived in Shreveport and partied at LSU to be aired Oct 7, 4 pm, Centenary College

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Far from rich enough to attend Burning Man festival, I can still afford to watch a documentary about the edgy crowd of producers that assemble each pre-Labor day week in the Nevada desert. So I will watch a Burning Man movie on Oct 7 , 4 pm, at Centenary College. It's the award-winning movie Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock. Among the movie's producers are former Shreveporters Michael Wilson and William Haskins, says Chris Jay.

Wilson graduated from Woodlawn High School in 1988 and now lives in Austin, Texas, wrote Alex Kent in the Times. Wilson was co-producer and assistant director for the movie.

William Haskins, the documentary's co-producer and story supervisor, is also from Shreveport. He graduated from Woodlawn High School in 1984.

You'll see on the gorgeous movie website,, that both these burners are successful in digital media and actually once attended LSU.

Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock is a presentation of the Centenary Film Society and Robinson Film Center. Michael Wilson will chat with the audience following the screening in Kilpatrick Auditorium. Admission is like breakfast at Burning man: free, because it's being provided by someone wealthier than you.

MoInfo: (318) 424-9090.

A visit to will fill your head with intoxicating images but I like's extensive description of burners and moop. Seen in photos at and other sites, the art created at the playa in Nevada is some of the most ambitious and self-conscious I've seen. Yet among my favorite items are the fantastic maps by Lisa Hoffman:

Do you know any burners? What do you think of the sculpture so expensively assembled on this glamorous, clothing-optional desert plain?

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